9 Reasons to Rethink Your Vulnerability Management

The change in the current IT environment with increased use of Cloud and Mobile has created more vulnerable to the infrastructure. There is always some exploitation irrespective of what multi-layer security is implemented. It is very challenging and CIOs are struggling to to protect the data, reduce the risk and achieve the compliance. The actual fact is, as per Verizon 2015 Data Breach Report that found “99,9% of exploited vulnerabilities were compromised more than a year after the CVE was published”. Due to the above fact,
we believe that customer needs to rethink about their vulnerability management approach:
#1 – Know What’s on Your Network
#2 – Automate Credentialed Scans
#3 – Spot What’s Lurking in the Shadows
#4 – Find Which Threats are Soft Targets
#5 – Cover Your Vulnerability Gaps
#6 – Unify Vulnerability and Privilege Intelligence
#7 – See Hidden Threats with Clarity
#8 – Accelerate Your Patch Process
#9 – Share and Collaborate
Thats why, security professionals at MSPKART.COM, use multiple vulnerability management solution to make sure all system, configuration and software vulnerabilities are discovered with the use of Opensource as well as commercial tools for this solution.

Last Updated on : Apr 2018

DISCLAIMER : The information presented has been collated from publicly available sources on the internet. MSPKART is not responsible for any changes in the same.

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