Application Performance Monitoring
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Application Performance Monitoring

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 Application Monitoring in one place allows you to see your application performance trends at a glance – from page load times, to error rates, slow transactions, and a list of servers running the app. Supported applications are Java,.Net,Node JS, PHP, Python,Ruby
  • End-to-end transaction tracing

    Follow the performance of a critical transaction across your entire service-oriented application environment.

  • Code-level visibility

    Drill down to see the performance impact of specific code segments and SQL statements.

  • Key transactions

    Flag your most critical transactions to quickly spot when things like response times, call counts, or error rates perform poorly.

  • X-ray sessions

    Gain deeper insight into a key transaction’s performance by showing transaction traces alongside long-running profiler results.

Application Metrics:
Application Response Times

Application Histograms & Percentiles

Most Time Consuming Transactions

Performance of External Services

Cross Application Tracing

Transaction Tracing

Track Key Business Transactions

Transaction Breakdown

Database monitoring:
  • Database monitoring provides a detailed overview of your database performance – pointing out critical errors that are slowing down your application with following metrics:
  • Time Spent in Database Calls

    Database Call Response Time and Throughput

    SQL Query Analysis

    Slow SQL Report

    Filter to a specific database/cache type

    See and search all database/cache operations

    See and search all database/cache operations

Pre-requisites :
Agent needs to be installed on the application server
Necessary Firewall ports needs to be opened between the agent and cloud Monitoring server.

The time to implement based on the number of Applications and servers
Monthly/Annually with Remote Monitoring comes with 24/7 monitoring/Alerting/Reporting of Application by MSPKART


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