AWS EC2 Server Monthly Support

AWS EC2 Server Monthly Support

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The Service provides AWS server Support administration requirement.

Scope :

  1. Setting up and on-going Support hosting  Environment running in Windows & Unix Servers
  2. Setting up and on-going Support appropriate re-direction from the domain to the host
  3. Setting up and on-going Support of S3 instance to store images/videos


The goal and objective of this service is to provide monthly basic AWS server support services as mentioned below:

OS TasksDWMQAd-hoc / OT
OS Administration – (AWS)
Installation, Updates & PatchingX
   Day-to-Day administration & Maintenance X
Routine MaintenanceX
Application & WebServer Management
Application deployment and MigrationX
Creation multiple web instances for UAT/ProdX
Performance tuningX
Application Log ReviewX
Analysis & Improvement
OS Performance Analysis  & Monitoring
Application Availability – Continuous MonitoringX
Security & Object Administration
Auditing – Syslog ReviewX
User Account Maintenance and CreationX
Hardening of OSX
Runbook Operation documentX
Policy & ProceduresX
Recommendations & RemediationX
System (CPU/Disk) UtilizationX
Database UtilizationX
Security Activity ReviewX
Database Activity ReviewX
Vulnerability Assessment ReportX

Note : 

  1. Base Cost  is included for 2 EC2 servers only  for daily 4 hours
  2. ELB,S3 & SNS support is included
  3. Any additional off-hours support would be $15 per hour during weekdays and  $25 during weekends & Holidays.
  4. Escalation support is available 24/7/365 for Production servers added
  5. MSPKART.COM Static IP will be authorized for AWS server administration and necessary privileges will be given to perform the remote AWS server administration activities.
  6. MSPKART.COM team will be given access to AWS Console and to modify the domain names redirection entries
  7. Database performance monitoring cost would be extra and can be added in the same Cart.
  8. Working days: Monday to Friday
  9. Performance Management supported in below applications only:
    • PHP
    • Java
    • Node.js
    • .NET
    • Python
    • Ruby

Note :  Increase the quantity of the servers in multiple by 2 in the same Cart for additional Servers

Billing: We require 50% advance payment  to start the  service & 50% at the end of the service.


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