Cloud Fresh Deployments & Migrations

Cloud Fresh Deployments & Migrations

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MSPKART helps to Move your products or apps to cloud and helps enterprises categorize, plan and manage migrations more effectively. Characteristics such as application size, complexity, physical vs virtual hardware and time frame are taken into consideration prior to migration. You as a company with a good migration strategy may be worried about the time involved in the migration process of your data, applications, storage, tools and utilities. But with the help of Mspkart  you can easily reduce the time taken by at least 50%- 60%, and thus increases efficiency and scalability of your applications to a high level.

Experts in migrating secured and mission critical workloads to Public Clouds , which are HIPAA, PCI, and PII compliant  business practices. Our  Migration Model is On Premises / Data centers to Public, Hybrid and Private Clouds , Our Cloud   migration strategies are designed to Fork Lift, embrace and optimize the cloud. We help our clients with all Cloud migration models – Full , Phased and Hybrid.

We support top cloud providers AWS, MS  Azure, Rackspace, IBM, Digital Ocean and GCP and any other cloud providers.


Our migration are process oriented, each migration has detailed Architecture, templates, and checklists to ensure successful migration in the cloud with the following flow:

  • Pre-deployment Assessment & Tasks
  • Migration Tasks
  • Go-live Tasks

SLA : 99.95%

24*7 : Support helpdesk

24*7 : Email & Phone Support

Response Time : <15 Minutes

Resolution Time :  < 2 hours

Note : Cost  is given for 1-4 servers deployment, documentation,support and maintenance for 30 days.
Duration : 5 Days
Billing: We require 50% advance payment  to start the  service & 50% at the end of the service.
Please, contact [email protected] for an additional scope and more servers. Also please refer our Cloud Support Plan for continuous support maintenance.


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