CoreOS & PostgreSQL Support

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This Service provides Cloud System and Database server administration requirement.

Scope :

  • Setting up and on-going Support of cloud hosting Environment running in COREOS and Kubernetes & PostgreSQL Servers
  • PostgreSQL Database performance monitoring using 3rd party monitoring & Alert configuration
  • NGINX & Java Application Performance Management using 3rd party monitoring & Alert configuration
  • Weekly Operation activity reporting .


The goal and objective of this service is to provide monthly basic Cloud server support services as mentioned below:

OS Tasks:

OS Administration

Installation, Updates & Patching

Day-to-Day administration & Maintenance
Routine Maintenance


Application & WebServer Management

Application deployment and Migration

Creation multiple web instances for UAT/Prod

Performance tuning

Application Log Review

Analysis & Improvement

OS Performance Analysis & Monitoring

CPU / DISK / Memory
Application Availability – Continuous Monitoring


Security & Object Administration

Auditing – Syslog Review
User Account Maintenance and Creation

Hardening of OS




Runbook Operation document

Policy & Procedures

Recommendations & Remediation


System (CPU/Disk) Utilization

Database Utilization

Security Activity Review

Database Activity Review

Vulnerability Assessment Report


DBA Tasks:
DB Administration

Database creation/modification

Platform installation & upgrades

Export & Import of Databases

Create a schedule for dump file

Regularly verify the daily dumps status
Monitor the dump file growth

Quarterly dump file restore and test.

Off-Site backups (if required)

Component installations & patches

Day-to-Day administration
Routine Maintenance



Analysis & Improvement

Performance analysis & Monitoring

CPU & Memory

Database space utilization

Instance Level

Database Level

Object level

Client Connections
Database Availability -Continuous Monitoring

Security & Object Administration

User account maintenance & creation

Database privileges grants & revokes

Database object creation & alterations

Periodic review of the user logins

Auditing – Review the logs




Runbook – Operation document

Policy & Procedures

Architecture Review

Recommendations & remediation



System (CPU/Disk) Utilization

Database Utilization

Security Activity Review

Database Activity Review


Note :

  • Base Cost is included for 10 servers
  • Any additional off-hours support would be $8 per hour during weekdays and $16 during weekends & Holidays.
  • Escalation support is available 24/7/365 for Production servers added
  • MSPKART.COM Static IP needs to be authorized for server administration and necessary privileges will be given to performing the remote cloud server administration activities.
  • Working days: Monday to Friday (8 hours) as per client TimeZone
  • Save 2 months of service by choosing Annual Maintenance Contract for 12 months

Note: Please contact Enterprise Sales([email protected]) to add more servers to the scope.


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