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Drupal Migration to Cloud

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MSPKART do a Drupal migration for building a new Drupal site or an existing site data needs to be migrated. Regardless of your current platform, MSPKART needs to scope out your existing infrastructure. Throughout the scoping, we’ll put together a plan of data mappings into the new system.

Once the planning is complete we’ll migrate your data early in the development cycle and then continuously migrate any new content as required before launch. This allows you to continue using and managing your old site during development.

On-Premise Drupal Server backup  Activities :

  • Export the Drupal database
  • Backup the Drupal Website

AWS Cloud Server Activities which restored the Drupal Site :

  • Setup PHP 5.5
  • Setup MySQL 5.6
  • Setup  the Drupal 7 system package required  in Ubuntu server
  • Restore MySQL Database
  • Restore Drupal Application files
  • Verify the Drupal applications

Note : Temporary SUDO access is required to perform this migration at the AWS Server.  


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