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OS Security Audit & Assessment

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Assess weaknesses in following OS Server environment and provides guidance to strengthen areas identified during the assessment where risks and defenses are not aligned. Following OS are supported:

Windows 2008/2012
Windows Vista/8/10

  • Upon completion of the assessment, MSPkart provides recommendations and prescriptive guidance for managing the risks that have been highlighted for your particular environment, existing technology and current security posture.
  • MSPkart’s recommendations are designed to move your security policies, processes and controls towards recognized best practices.
  • As the assessment is repeatable, it can be used to monitor improvements to your infrastructure’s ability to respond to security threats.
  • MSPkart follows the defense-in-depth concept — layered defenses that include technical, organizational and operational controls — and is based on accepted standards and best practices, such as ISO 27001 and NIST-800.x.


Systems should be given access to MSPKART to perform the procedure remotely with necessary privilege.

Note: Given cost is per Server/Device only.


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